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Jaya The Cat - A Good Day For The Damned - NEW ALBUM!! UXB035


A Good Day For The Damned will be released on November 17th 2017.
This is the first new release from Jaya The Cat in 5 years!

Available as:
180g Red or Black Vinyl with heavy duty reverse board sleeve and printed inner sleeve with lyrics
Digipack on 6 panel reverse board with Vinyl effect CD

There is also an extremely limited edition CD in a tin box with an exclusive lyric booklet (not available with regular CD)

Pre-orders will be shipped one week before the release date. All Vinyl comes with download.

1 Wine Stained Futon
2 A Rough Guide to the Future
3 Sweet Eurotrash
4 Black Heart
5 Huddersfield Rain
6 Just Leave Me There
7 Wreckage
8 Amsterdam
9 The Palmreader's Face Looks Shocked
10 Fucking In Love
10 Sunday Morning
12 A Good Day for the Damned
13 The Streets Of Shoreditch
14 Mad At You (Bonus Track)
15 Drunk Balloon (Bonus Track)


Pressing Information

First Pressing 180g Red Vinyl x 1000
First Pressing 180g Black Vinyl x 1000

CD in Tin Box - one press only of 500.