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Goober Patrol

Like their contemporaries Snuff and Leatherface, Goober Patrol formed in the late 1980s, bringing together influences from the British pop punk and American hardcore scenes; reviewers have highlighted the Goobers sound as equal parts Stiff Little Fingers, Circle Jerks and Snuff.

That was then, this is now, and just when it was needed most, slightly drunk lefty poetry rides again with the return of the mildly famous punk quartet. This summer has been extremely hectic; the much-lauded one day tour with NOFX in August left these punk veterans clamouring for their oxygen masks and walking sticks, pining for ‘a nice comfy chair’. But forget all that … they’re back with another collection of childish Marxist poetry berating the current right wing establishment and extolling the community virtues of the punk rock scene. But this time they’re not alone, this time they’re in the company of their grandsons 7 Day Conspiracy from Kent. Together, both bands deliver slab after slab of infectious punk / ska / calypso / d-beat that will annoy your parents and radicalise the family hamster. Yeehar, wot a bargain!’ Ah love calypso / d-beat me!