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Jaya The Cat

Jaya The Cat are a US band from Boston. In 2004 they toured Europe and never went home. They are now based in Amsterdam They play an original mix of reggae, punk rock and ska, with sounds ranging from booze-fuelled anthems to chilled out dance tracks to political commentary.
Adding keyboards, samples, percussion and occasionally even a Tiki Bar to their onstage act. the average Jaya the Cat concert becomes as much a party as a performance, with the audience singing, dancing and drinking along. Jaya The Cat tour throughout Europe constantly and have recently been making some waves in the UK also.

While the core element of punk and reggae remain, they have been triple distilled in dancehalls and clubs from Brighton to Barcelona to Bucharest, creating a sonic moonshine that will have you hooked from the first sip. Expect an album filled with drunken sunrises, narrow escapes, dysfunctional love affairs, political disillusionment and raised glasses, through seedy bars, carnival parades and late night dives, coming your way.

The albums "A Good Day For The Damned", “The New International Sound Of Hedonism” and “More Late Night Transmissions” are out now on Bomber Music.

“One foot on the beach and the other on the streets” Big Cheese
“Pretty F**cking Amazing” Vive Le Rock