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Smokey Bastard

If you ask your average man on the street what his favourite 6 piece folk-punk band from England with a drummer named “Buttons” is, he would certainly say Smokey Bastard. Well, he would have done a couple of years ago but Buttons got replaced by Tyron and so we can't say that anymore.

Their irreverent, raucous live shows have earned them a cult following in the UK and Europe since the release of their first album “Propping Up The Floor” in 2010. The second album “Tales From The Wasteland” had great reviews, winning places in the end of year polls on many zines and blogs.

Traditional folk, played by punks and banged out way faster than it really should be, they have quickly fixed a reputation as one of Britain's hardest working and, though they'd never admit it, most musically proficient bands. They even have their own cask ale...

Full of melodies to rival their rustic musicianship, a bastardised (of course) mix of Flogging Molly,
Bellowhead, Dreadnoughts and every record ever made by the rare hippies who also had an Exploited record at home, this is something for the folkies and the punks in equal measure.

• Rock Sound Magazine: “Like a gang of extremely talented pirates” 7/10
• Big Cheese Magazine: “Smokey Bastard are a band you need in your life” 4/5
• Vive Le Rock Magazine: “Gloriously and energetically abusing folk” 4/5

Folk Artist of the Year at Somojo Awards 2011