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Random Hand - Inhale/Exhale 180g Blue Vinyl UXB006LP

The second album by Random Hand. We stopped pressing CDs of this album recently but we have now added a beautiful limited edition 180g Translucent Curacao Blue VinyL LP with stunning new artwork. Printed on reverse board heavyweight sleeve with a matt finish lyric sheet inner sleeve

A1 - I, Human
A2 - The Right Reasons
A3 - Anger Management
A4 - British
A5 - Roots In The Crowd
A6 - Devil's Little Guinea Pig

B1 - In
B2 - Mass Producing Monsters
B3 - For Roni
B4 - A Spider In The Sink
B5 - The Eyeballs Of War
B6 - What It Takes

Pressing Information

500 Translucent Curacao Blue 180g


  1. I, Human
  2. The Right Reasons
  3. Anger Management
  4. British
  5. Devil's Little Guinea Pig
  6. In
  7. Mass Producing Monsters
  8. Roots In The Crowd
  9. For Roni
  10. A Spider In The Sink
  11. The Eyeballs Of War
  12. What It Takes
  13. Save Us In This World