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The Skints - Out My Mind - Orange Vinyl 12" EP UXB010B12

"Out My MInd" - by The Skints available on a 4 track 12" Orange Vinyl EP.

The Green Vinyl edition is now sold out, all hail the Orange Vinyl edition!
Less than 10 left (July 2021) and there will be no repress

(Immediate Digital Download)

This EP comes in a plain black Disco Bag with a sticker.


Side 1
1.Out My MInd
2.On A Mission

Side 2.
1.Ratatat Dub
2. Can't Take No More Dub

Pressing Information

1st Pressing Black Vinyl. Limited edition of 200
2nd Pressing Transparent Green Vinyl. Limited edition of 200
3rd Pressing Orange Vinyl. Limited Edition of 300


  1. Out My Mind - Radio Edit
  2. On A Mission
  3. Can't Take No More Dub
  4. Rat-at-at Dub