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Versus You - Moving On Coloured Vinyl LP and CD UXB022

Versus You are a four-piece punk rock band from Luxembourg. Since 2005 they've released some records, seen a few drummers come and go, played a hell of a lot of shows and toured Eastern Europe and Russia twice. The song writing is highly inspired by Berkeley and Chicago punk bands.

"We try to be honest and true to ourselves and everyone else and sometimes succeed and sometimes fail miserably. We're always broke because we put everything we got into this band. The name means absolutely nothing."

Pre-Order now for delivery by 07 July 2014 - two weeks before the official release date and get a digital download by 01 July 2014.

Available in Green Splatter Vinyl , Green and Cream 1/2 & 1/2 Vinyl and Black Vinyl. Also CD

01 When It All Goes Down
02 If The Camels Die, We Die
03 A Way With Words
04 On The Town
05 Be Better Than Me
06 Skinny And Distracted
07 One That Can See
08 Stay Down, Stay Strong
10 30 Pills
11 Still I Persist
12 You Are My Friend