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Jaya The Cat - More Late Night Transmissions With... UXB019LP

The classic album More Late Night Transmissions With.... Jaya The Cat on 180g Black Vinyl

This black vinyl pressing has a different label than the previous green vinyl edition (now sold out).

All Vinyl comes with a free download.
Also available on Vinyl Effect CD in a gatefold sleeve with booklet.

1. Hold My Beer And Watch This
2. Blur
3. Goodmorning
4. Thank You Reggae
5. Hello Hangover
6. Mistake
7. Chemical Salvation
8. Pass The Ammunition
9. Night Bus
10. The Carnival
11. Voice Of The Poor
12. Government Center
13. Closing Time

Pressing Information

1st pressing 180g Green Vinyl . Limited edition of 300. Sold Out.
2nd pressing 180g Black Vinyl 300
3rd pressing 180g Black Vinyl 500