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Jaya The Cat - A Good Day For The Damned UXB035

A Good Day For The Damned is the 6th (?) album from Jaya The Cat , released in 2017

Available as:
180g GOLD ,Red or Black Vinyl with heavy duty reverse board sleeve and printed inner sleeve with lyrics
Digipack on 6 panel reverse board with Vinyl effect CD

There is also an extremely limited edition CD in a tin box with an exclusive lyric booklet (not available with regular CD)

WE NOW HAVE SPECIAL EDITION TEST PRESSINGS IN STOCK! Only 15 are available. There will be no more.The test pressing comes in a hand screen printed manilla Vinyl mailer , sealed with an embossed wax seal.

All Vinyl comes with download.

1 Wine Stained Futon
2 A Rough Guide to the Future
3 Sweet Eurotrash
4 Black Heart
5 Huddersfield Rain
6 Just Leave Me There
7 Wreckage
8 Amsterdam
9 The Palmreader's Face Looks Shocked
10 Fucking In Love
10 Sunday Morning
12 A Good Day for the Damned
13 The Streets Of Shoreditch
14 Mad At You (Bonus Track)
15 Drunk Balloon (Bonus Track)


Pressing Information

First Pressing 180g Red Vinyl x 1000
First Pressing 180g Black Vinyl x 1000
Second Pressing 180g Black x 500
Third Pressing 180g Gold x500

CD in Tin Box - one press only of 500.


  1. 01 Wine Stained Futon
  2. 02 A Rough Guide To The Future
  3. 03 Sweet Eurotrash
  4. 04 Black Heart
  5. 05 Huddersfield Rain
  6. 06 Just Leave Me There
  7. 07 Wreckage Final
  8. 08 Amsterdam Final
  9. 09 The Palm Reader's Face Looks Shocked
  10. 10 Fucking In Love
  11. 11 Sunday Morning
  12. 12 A Good Day for the Damned
  13. 13 The Streets Of Shoreditch
  14. 14 Mad At You Final
  15. 15 Drunk Balloon
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