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Graveyard Johnnys - Songs From Better Days UXB036

The first album by Graveyard Johnnys. Originally released in 2011, it hasn't been available for a few years - not even on digital, until now!

This is a very limited edition Red & Black marbled 180g Vinyl LP in a heavy duty 350gsm reverse board sleeve with printed inner lyric sleeve

01 Won't Back Out
02 Cherylene
03 Put Your Money Down
04 Never Get Me
05 Dancefloor of Death
06 Bong On Captain
07 Hallucination Road
08 Poor You
09 The Wasted
10 Torture Me
11 Radar Love

Also available from Graveyard Johnnys - Dead Transmission - on CD or Vinyl


Pressing Information

500 Red & Black marbled 180g Vinyl