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Witchdoktors - Timeless & Dimeless

Witchdoktors - Timeless & Dimeless

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This album is a great compilation of songs from previous Witchdoktors albums with some specially re-recorded versions!

A fuelled-up cocktail of punk rock 'n' roll attitude with a sassy twang of trash-a-billy, a bitter twist of country attitude, all whizzed up in a fuzzed-out garage!’ Vive Le Rock


  1. Voodoo Eye
  2. No Pain No Gain
  3. Dr John
  4. I Told You To Go
  5. Cryin'
  6. I Still Hurt
  7. Movie Star
  8. Brothers
  9. Black Sack
  10. Happiness
  11. New Set Of Wheels
  12. I'm Sick
  13. Neck Tattoo
  14. Common Prayer (For A Working Man)
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